Metrans deploys more environmentally friendly Vectron locomotives

Two more multi-system locomotives from Siemens are being deployed in the European network of the HHLA rail subsidiary.

The HHLA subsidiary Metrans has taken over two further Vectron MS multi-system locomotives from the manufacturer Siemens. In its intermodal network, Metrans relies on its own traction and now uses 14 Vectron locomotives for this. The acquisition of more locomotives is planned. The new locomotives will be put into operation on transnational rail in Central and Eastern Europe.

Peter Kiss, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Metrans Group: “Vectron locomotives are modern, totally safe and, most importantly, environmentally friendly. With more of our own locomotives, we can meet the needs of our customers with more flexibility and continue on our dynamic growth course.”

To highlight Metrans’s sustainability strategy, one of the locomotives was given a new design. It will travel all over Europe under the logo “CARBON NEUTRAL TRANSPORT”. In principle, rail is a more environmentally friendly method of transport than road, but the ambitions of Metrans are even bigger: By 2040, it wants all container transport to be carbon-neutral. Through the significant reduction of emissions, the HHLA rail subsidiary contributes to achieving the Group’s self-imposed target of climate-neutral production by 2040.

For the route from Hamburg to Prague, for example, the transport of one standard container in the Metrans system creates 35 kilograms of carbon emissions. If the same container were to travel in a truck, it would cause approximately 12 times as many emissions. To achieve these low and TÜV-approved emissions, Metrans takes a number of emissions-reducing measures. Lightweight flat wagons, high capacity utilisation of trains and energy-efficient locomotives and handling facilities make for fewer emissions. On tracks in Germany, only energy from renewable sources is used. Since January 2021, 41,539 tonnes of CO2 have been compensated.

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Metrans / Manuel Strauch

Metrans uses more environmentally friendly Vectrons locomotives: Two more Siemens multi-system locomotives are being used in the European network of HHLA’s subsidiary.

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