Development of the slot-booking process – Truck FIT starts from 31 January 2022

In 2017, the slot-booking process (SBP) was introduced in the port of Hamburg to prevent bottlenecks in truck handling and traffic. The target was and is to make the processes more plannable by synchronizing truck visits and terminal capacities. 

Many carriers use the SBP in a correct and responsible way, but unfortunately, there are some carrying companies misusing the system by booking more slots than they need. The slots, booked but not used, will often not be cancelled in time, so other parties are confronted with a fully booked system. This leads to unused capacities. In order to have fair booking conditions for all participants, the process needs to be adapted by Truck FIT initiative.

The introduction of Truck FIT enables fair planning and booking of slots for all participants. All data are reported transparently online and will analyzed systemically and automatically.

Truck FIT starts on January 31, 2022. From that date, affected carrying companies will get a fixed contingent of bookable slot during rush hours. Bookings outside the rush hour are still possible in addition.

From February 14, 2022, rebooking will not be possible. Swapping will follow in the ongoing of the first quarter.

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HHLA / Thies Rätzke

Container trucks from HHLA subsidiary CTD are handled at the automated block storage facility at Burchardkai terminal.

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