Obligatory pre-announcement for Truck Visits

HHLA is working on the “Fuhre 4.0” programme with the goal of continually improving the transport chain at the Port of Hamburg. One of its most important elements is the reliable pre-announcement of truck visits using the TR02 data interface. The pre-announcement of transport data helps to make truck processing at the container terminals in Hamburg more efficient and easier to plan for all those involved. The pre-announcement of transport data for containers is a mandatory requirement for truck processing.

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How do I use TR02?

Truck drivers and haulage companies exchange transport data with the terminals via the TR02 data interface. How does it work?


Pre-announcement FAQ

We provide answers to the frequently asked questions surrounding the obligatory pre-announcement.


Pre-Announcement Brochure

If you want to read it in another language: Download the brochure in polish, czech or russian language.