Sustainability Magazine 2024

In logistics and at HHLA, there are promising projects, revolutionary ideas and proven solutions to make the industry more environmentally friendly. In our new magazine, you will find in-depth articles by expert authors.

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Some highlights from the content

Applying the digital lever

Digital platforms not only result in more efficiency; they are also expected to make logistics more sustainable.

An unbeatable combination

Hamburg, the world’s largest railway port, is making a unique contribution to achievement of EU climate targets.

Ideas for protecting the marine environment

Four start-ups are leading the way.

Saving the grey energy

Refurbishing in a climate-neutral manner? A project in the Speicherstadt historical warehouse district is investigating.

What gives us hope?

Hope is important if we are to avoid despair. And there are good, fact-based reasons to be hopeful.

Angela Titzrath, Chief Executive Officer of HHLA

With our logistics solutions we play a key role in the sustainable transformation of the industry.

Angela Titzrath, Chief Executive Officer of HHLA

Sustainability news ticker

To achieve something, some things must change. Various projects and measures lead to sustainable changes.