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/ 03.07.2018

HHLA takes full control of Estonia’s largest terminal operator

HHLA finally assumed full responsibility for Estonia’s largest terminal operator,...

/ 02.07.2018

HHLA confirms voluntary refusal to handle atomic transports

In February of this year, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) willingly declared to...

/ 18.06.2018

Creative repository M28 in the Hamburg Speicherstadt

Warehouse block M28, which is part of Hamburg's Speicherstadt, will be rented out to...

/ 12.06.2018

Shareholders benefit from successful financial year

Following a very successful 2017 financial year the dividend per listed Class A share...

/ 01.06.2018

Annette Krüger is the new spokeswoman of HHLA

Annette Krüger takes over the role of spokeswoman of HHLA. Krüger’s previous role was at...

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