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Pictures of the Year 2019

HHLA links places, companies and people. In order to shape the future, it is essential to maintain impetus and constantly evolve. Hamburg is the gateway to the world and HHLA is the gateway to the future. This calendar provides twelve impressive pictures of how this mission is being made a reality.


Current press photos

Photos for the news and press releases in printable quality. Free download for all press media. Please use the following galleries to find more pictures!



In this area you will find photos of both HHLA Executive Board Members and staff in everyday working life.



Impressions of our high performance container terminals; where the most modern technology is in action both day and night.



HHLA’s intermodal companies connect the German seaports with their hinterland in Europe, by rail and road.



The universal Port of Hamburg is hallmarked by its wide range of specialized services; from specialized handling to warehouse logistics.


Speicherstadt World Heritage

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt historical warehouse district was designated along with the neighbouring Kontorhaus area as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. The images show the past and present.


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