Take a dive in the fascinating world of HHLA. Additional videos can be found at the HHLA YouTube channel.

HHLA: a leading European logistics company.

With a dense network of seaport terminals in Hamburg, Odessa, Tallinn and Trieste, high-frequency hinterland connections and linked intermodal hubs in Central and Eastern Europe, HHLA is the logistics and digital hub along the transport flows of the future. The business model relies on innovative technologies and is committed to sustainability.

Balanced Logistics

In implementing their sustainability strategy with a “Balanced Logistics” theme, HHLA is highlighting its commitment to bringing together environmental, social and economic interests.

One of the world's largest container ship at HHLA Terminal Burchardkai

The mega-vessel "HMM Algeciras" is passing the river Elbe towards Hamburg. With a capacity of 24,000 standard containers it is one of the world's largest container ships in the world. During its stay in Hamburg HHLA handeled some 13,600 standard containers.

The twins of reality

Real objects and processes are increasingly being digitalised. How can such digital twins help us to better understand and shape the world?

360° journey into the future of logistics

Travel on a container ship to the Port of Hamburg and even further, into the future of port logistics! 

The VR film can be viewed either with suitable VR glasses or as 360° video. Set the viewing direction on the screen with your cursor and look around during the journey!

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The banana in the port of Hamburg

A look behind the scenes at Germany's largest fruit terminal.

Lifting of the new canal bridge in the Speicherstadt

It was literally a feat of strength to position the 36 tonne pedestrian bridge. One of the largest mobile cranes in Europe lifted the construction element over the 28-metre high historic warehouse.

New container gantry cranes on the Elbe

Two new container gantry cranes on their way to HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB): together they weigh almost 5,000 tons, so the special ship “Zhen Hua 26” was the best way to bring them from China to Hamburg.

How do the container cranes get to the Burchardkai?

Spectacular images from HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai: First, a special ship brought the giant container gantries to Hamburg, then they had to be pulled onto the quay edge in a complex process.

A Giant Time Lapse

“CMA CGM Vasco de Gama” called in Hamburg. In less than 34 hours, 5,248 containers were handled at CTB. The film shows the arrival and handling of the ship in time-lapse.