Multifaceted and outstanding

Commitment to people and society knows no boundaries. HHLA and its employees demonstrate this every day. Examples range from the company’s measures to improve occupational health and safety at various Europe locations to its award-winning sustainability management to numerous smaller initiatives at the head office and the subsidiaries.



As a commercial enterprise and employer, HHLA takes its social responsibility seriously at all its locations.

Blood donation

Learning from each other at eye level

Voluntary commitment is essential for social cohesion and for strengthening democratic values and attitudes. For this reason, HHLA has intensified its cooperation with the diaconal service provider Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf (ESA) since 2021, which provides assistance, residential and educational services for people with disabilities as well as services for children and young people.

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Together for Odessa

HLA takes its responsibility for its employees seriously – no matter where they work for the company. Operations at Container Terminal Odessa (CTO) had to be discontinued at first. While a crisis team coordinated operational measures, a cross-departmental team at the company‘s Hamburg headquarters organised support for HHLA employees in Ukraine and their families.

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Beekeeping in the harbour

Bees work at the Container Terminal Altenwerder. Despite the industrial environment, they collect nectar around the church in Altenwerder as well as other nearby sites. A beekeeper monitors the hives with remote surveillance and produced 70 jars of harbour gold honey last year. The bees act as a "bio-filter", cleaning the nectar and producing pollutant-free honey.

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Sustainability strategy Balanced Logistics

It is our aspiration to combine ecological, social and economic interests in order to make our company future-proof. We underline this with our "Balanced Logistics" sustainability strategy.

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