On board the MS HHLA – heading towards the future

Strengthening HHLA’s competitiveness underpins HHLA’s strategy, which is geared towards growth and sustainability. Its implementation is based on a quick reaction to changes in the market environment and the development of a corporate culture that promotes cross-divisional cooperation.

In order to make the container segment competitive in the long term, the interdisciplinary Future Laboratory project was launched last year at the Burchardkai terminal (CTB) under the guiding principle of On course for the future.

The Future Labs will see HHLA employees take an active role in the transformation process. This approach is unique because participants can contribute their individual impressions and ideas in small groups via an app developed specifically for this purpose. For this, the groups – including the selected captain – travel digitally on the MS HHLA from continent to continent and from station to station. Employees will learn more about the company’s history and HHLA’s current market situation and will be given the opportunity to contribute their own experiences, expectations and values from their respective areas of expertise to HHLA’s future strategy – both digitally and interactively.

Rethink. Think further. Think ahead.

Megatrends and our new business areas Automation, Artificial intelligence, Interconnected supply chains, Drone technology and Hydrogen

Discover innovation at HHLA

As part of a full-day event, the strengths, challenges and creative potential that underpin sustainable future initiatives in the company are identified and developed in the Future Lab. The future labs are already having a positive effect: they bring new impulses into the company. Internal communication and interdepartmental exchange are particularly promoted via the app and working in small groups.

The discussions have already resulted in numerous initiatives that are helping to guide HHLA into a successful future. The Future Lab started in October 2021 at Container Terminal Burchardkai and is now also being held at Container Terminal Tollerort. For employees of the holding company, the event will be offered from May 2023.

Climate neutral by 2040

By implementing its balanced logistics strategy, HHLA brings ecological, social and economic responsibility into harmony.

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