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Lowering consumption is the quickest way to use energy sustainably. HHLA demonstrates this with the use of LED lighting at container terminals including smart control.

The most sustainable and efficient use of energy possible starts with economical consumption. There are many such measures at HHLA, and they are mostly inconspicuous. Still, some can even be seen from an aeroplane. Passengers flying into the Hamburg airport at night can see dark areas at the huge HHLA container terminals that are only illuminated when needed. In these areas, conventional lighting has been replaced with smart LED technology.

Saving energy

Smart LED technology


The key benefits of LED lights are the immediate availability of full luminous intensity, their high efficiency, and their very long durability. Their efficiency is increased further by smart control. At night, the lighting is switched on in many areas only if needed. This further reduces energy consumption. On the whole, the conversion to LED lights at the Hamburg location will save some 5.4 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. This is equivalent to the consumption of approximately 1,500 three-person households. 


All three HHLA container terminals – Altenwerder (CTA), Burchardkai (CTB) and Tollerort (CTT) – have been converting during operation for several years, and will conclude the project at the end of 2023. Incidentally, CTA’s electrical energy needs are met entirely (not just for lighting) from renewable sources.

Sustainability strategy Balanced Logistics

It is our aspiration to combine ecological, social and economic interests in order to make our company future-proof. We underline this with our "Balanced Logistics" sustainability strategy.

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