/ 16.11.2018

HHLA tests innovative hydrogen-green energy propulsion

The first electric car in the world that can be filled up with both hydrogen and electricity, the GLC F-CELL, was introduced by Mercedes-Benz at this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. HHLA is using one of six pilot-series models which will drive emissions-free on the streets of Hamburg. They were ceremonially handed over by Dr. Torsten Sevecke, State Secretary at the Ministry for Economy, Transport and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, to Hamburg companies and institutions, among them HHLA, Hamburg Airport and the Hamburg police.

Jan Hendrik Pietsch, Sustainability Officer for HHLA, accepted the GLC F-CELL personally. “Sustainability and the reduction of emissions are integral parts of our business model. We are therefore glad to test innovative, environmentally friendly propulsion. The hydrogen-electricity combination makes it possible to cover even long local distances emissions-free”, said Pietsch. He emphasised that the vehicle is particularly suited as an environmentally friendly car for the Executive Board members who drive since, unlike carpool users, they do not only travel short distances within Hamburg and the port.   

According to its manufacturer, the GLC F-CELL can travel approximately 480 kilometres without refuelling. Contributing to this is the range of 50 kilometres that is made possible by external charging of the battery. HHLA will use green energy for this, as it does for all its electric cars. Even though the car is powered by hydrogen, no emissions arise during the journey. For years, HHLA has been a pioneer in the environmentally friendly transport of its employees. It has the largest fleet of electric cars of all European seaports. There are currently 82 green energy powered electric cars in use.

Jan Hendrik Pietsch, Sustainability Officer for HHLA, accepted the GLC F-CELL personally.
Photo: Daimler